Friday, December 31, 2010

raise your glass

here's to (in no particular order):

the nearest and the dearest!
my family!
enjoying the ride!
laughing 'til you cry!
dancing 'til dawn!
no judgements!
no questions asked!
peace on earth!
best friends forever!
cold dog noses!
my faithful blog readers!
those who are there on a moment's notice!
those who have your back!
sunday morning (and new year's day!) and lazing around with pajamas on!
seizing and squeezing the most out of each day!
taking time to smell the roses!

happy new year and happy weekend to all....see you next year!


balsamrocks&rivers said...

Happy New Year to my blogging friend and her family! Hoping you had a delightful Christmas together- Chicago was terrific!
Hugs to all...

Christina said...

ummm....olives!!! Happy New Year dearest Auntie! xoxo