Thursday, December 30, 2010

light forms around portland

beautiful blue balls at a private residence in cape elizabeth. december 2010.
pandora lacasses's light sculptures brighten even the darkest coldest nights in portland, maine. in downtown portland her lights are everywhere. l. l. bean in freeport has many of her sculptural forms in the park-like area outside the store. at a private residence in cape elizabeth, where we enjoyed a festive christmas party, lacasse's work in blue illuminates and dresses up a large tree. i like how the multi-colored christmas tree in the background peeks out around the right side of the big "blue" tree's trunk. the blue lights are my favorite of all lacasse's colors.

lacasse creates these works of art, these bursts of brightness, with spring wire, stainless steel tubing and LED lights. you are drawn to the lovely, almost floating, sculptures which exhibit stunning color, light and form.

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Jpucky said...

Great pics especially the 5 Blue Balls!! ;-)