Wednesday, December 29, 2010

loving a blizzard

 snowy lille smiled a lot during monday's blizzard.

lille, lizzi and i love a good blizzard, a good whiteout. (as long as the whiteout is happening in our yard and not while we're driving!) finally i have some decent snow to talk about. lille went crazy in the snow on monday. (so did i.) lizzi has arthritis so she took it easy. we dashed around the yard. i threw sticks. lille fetched every one and dropped them neatly at my feet as she always does.

while i was shoveling lille amused herself by making up her own game. lille tossed a lacrosse ball in a pile of snow and then burrowed her entire head in the pile to sniff it out. if burrowing didn't produce the desired result, she began to dig in the snow until she retrieved the ball. she messed up my nicely shoveled paths a little, but who cares! we had fun!

it snowed all sunday night and most of monday, adding up to a grand total of 12 inches. the wind was fierce, so we played and shoveled for a while, went inside and warmed up, and then went back out again. we repeated this scenario several times on monday. as you can well imagine, the dogs and i slept deeply and soundly on monday night!

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