Monday, December 6, 2010

christmas with alpacas

on saturday i drove over to estabrook's "christmas with alpacas" event in yarmouth to see the alpacas and the wonderful maine alpaca wool crafts. alpacas are nice animals. (and man, do they have the most beautiful eyelashes!) they did not at all mind having their pictures taken; they were much more interested in eating. not to be confused with llamas (several people insisted the larger animals were, in fact, llamas and not alpacas), the largest alpacas in yarmouth on saturday were 150 pounds, versus around 300 pounds for llamas! no sir, no llamas were present - the name of the event should have been a clue!

there were alpaca/merino and alpaca/silk sweaters, scarves, shawls, socks and more. the colorful skeins of yarn were exquisite. all these maine artisans raise their own alpacas, and spin and dye their alpaca wool themselves. also displaying at the event was portland fiber gallery, where they offer lessons in weaving, spinning, dyeing and felting.
sweetest of all were the baby alpacas, who were just a few months old. the babies, and the adults, made the cutest humming sounds, their only sound, except for a seagull-like shriek, which is a warning call when alpacas think there is danger nearby. a festive and fun christmas with alpacas....but still no snow! i think all our snow is in the british isles. sigh....

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