Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a vermont fourth of july

as we drove along past mountains, rivers, fields and forests on friday morning, we looked forward to a nice four-day, fourth of july weekend in vermont which actually turned out to be one of the best, and busiest, independence day holidays we've had in recent memory. we helped one daughter move into her first apartment and another daughter build a railing on her new deck. we barbecued, enjoyed street performers in burlington, saw great fireworks. we did a lot of walking, talking, hauling, lifting, trudging up and down stairs (to the second floor apartment), unpacking, shopping at bed, bath and beyond and the hardware store, laughing (and laughing some more) and eating.

one night when both daughters had other plans (one scooted off to a party, the other, a wedding), ed and i went out to dinner in burlington. after dinner we took a long walk and, as the sun set, listened to some live music in the park on the waterfront, then watched the sunday fireworks on lake champlain. we were staying at alex and kevin's house. at 10 p.m. alex called and asked where are you guys? she said they were already home from the wedding—were we going to be home soon? we laughed and said we'd be home in an hour or so. they were in their pajamas when we got back to the house. funny to have your kids worried about you and checking up on you if you're not home before they are!

the weekend went by far too quickly. now the real lazy hazy days of summer begin.....july and august in maine are absolute bliss.

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balsamrocks&rivers said...

So glad you had a fun 4th! We enjoyed fireworks from Jeff and Kate's deck- saw all the western suburb's displays- never had seen multiple celebrations before.