Wednesday, June 29, 2011

in a thatch roof cottage

{a sweet retreat in horsens, denmark}
while looking over pictures from our trip i noticed right away that i have a gazillion shots of cottages and flowers. hmmmm.... am i just a wee bit obsessed with cottages and flowers? the thing is, cottages in denmark and england are so cozy and snug looking—especially the tudor style ones—and lusciously  painted in the most delightful colors, i can't resist them. we don't have anything quite as quaint as thatch roofs in the states (i have never seen one here, though i am sure they exist).

i am always imagining that one of those thatch beauties has a fantastic story in its long history. once upon a time in a yellow, thatch roof cottage in denmark (or england).....

a tingly, excited child-like feeling— i have been transported to a fairytale land, to a completely different time and place!—, fills you as you walk past cultivated fields, up a rise, around a corner and suddenly an isolated, old cottage with absolutely no signs of 21st century life anywhere appears. magical. *sigh* a big thank you to henrietta for taking me on a tour of horsens and the countryside around horsens. the picnic at horsens fjord was the best!
{fairytale thatch cottage near soevind on the way to horsens fjord}

{a gorgeous thatch roof in juelsminde, denmark}
{near the center of horsens}
{a hidden courtyard in horsens}


alexandra said...

Ah! These cottages are so cute! I want to be warped there now. Also, Mom, your writing is so lovely. You will definitely need to help me write my book someday!

balsamrocks&rivers said...

yes, transported, warped, we all want to jump into your photos- sailing in denmark, how cool!

Shopgirl said...

I adore these cottages, especially the second one with red walls and dark gray roof. I am dreaming of living in them, while snow fall gently outside already. :)