Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the little red grocery store

all i can say is, for the most part i vehemently dislike huge stores, you know, the big box ones like wal-mart, home depot, pet quarters, b.j's and other large grocery chains, and some department stores. notice i didn't include bed, bath and beyond in this list. i think that's because i am able to find things i need there owing to the fact that knowledgeable salespeople actually exist and can be located in that store, and it's a good store for young people—and people like me!—on a budget who can't afford 900 thread count sheets but need a few good items for their first apartment.

in gigantic stores i get a little worried and maybe i even start to hyperventilate a teeny bit. the huge quantity of inventory seems, to me anyway, to be messy and disheveled, piled to the ceiling miles above my head and ready at any moment to come crashing down on me and kill me on the spot. oh boy, and the mother ship of all gigantic stores—i had the pleasure to visit this cavern for the first time a few weeks ago—is ikea. don't get me wrong. the merchandise is great as far as low priced items are concerned, and they have so many choices, and it is very clean, neat and organized, but my eyes started to get a crazed, vacant look, and my hands got clammy and i experienced mild tremors and palpitations as i drifted along the marathon course of showroom displays and the infinite universe of warehouse space.

phew, now that i'm outta there, let me relax a minute and then i'll invite you to do some shopping in vermont. this is vermont: fresh air, huge green open spaces, rushing streams and rivers tumbling down from the peaks, fields planted with all kinds of organically-grown veggies.

need some groceries? head on over to a typical small, vermont grocer offering fresh, locally grown/produced organic food. walk in the door of the little red market in "downtown" richmond and you will experience a real, full-of-goodness neighborhood market, almost like the ones in the various ethnic boston or nyc neighborhoods. see, you don't have to travel to the wilderness to get good food, but here's the thing: before you go in the richmond grocery, look at the view and you will be faced with a sight you'll never come across in boston or new york.

witness the incredible mountains all around! admire the twin peaks of camel's hump towering beyond the entrance and then go get some fresh, no-preservatives, whole-grain vermont bread, baby spinach, tomatoes. enjoy the view again on your way out......

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alexandra said...

Yay for Richmond Market, how I love you.