Thursday, June 9, 2011

the sparrows

a flock of white-throated sparrows descended. (there's one hidden up there—like in the book where's waldo—in a messy, untended patch of garden. which has since been tended. i do a lot of tending. can you find the sparrow?) they were very preoccupied with eating up every bit of the bird seed which had fallen on the ground under the feeders. a dozen birds at a time arrived in the yard.

they did a funny back and forth hop dance and scratched in the dirt like chickens as they searched for a morsel to eat. the birds were in constant motion, busy balls of feathers pecking away in the flower beds looking for seeds and insects to gulp down in a hurry. so much movement. as soon as they took in life sustaining calories they burned them up again.

the sparrows treated me to some little songs.

they arrived in our yard in mid-may and hung around for a few days. then the flock flew away.

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Shopgirl said...

How sweet. I love them and finding any kind of flock or nests is always such a treat.