Thursday, October 7, 2010

the last vegetables

one day recently i was walking around  in the vegetable garden at my parent's house, and i helped my dad pick some of the season's last vegetables. there were still some beets, tomatoes, kale, and peppers left to harvest. it started to rain while we were pulling and plucking, so we quickly tossed the veggies in the basket and headed up to the house. unfortunately, we discovered that some of the tomatoes had a little rot on them, or even holes bored into their skin. we salvaged what we could (some of the spots were quite small and could just be trimmed off), and tossed out the yucky ones. no need to mourn for the lost tomatoes, though. according to dad, this year's harvest was unbelievable. lots of boiling, seasoning, and then freezing tomatoes for future use as sauce and soup stock has already taken place. we just have to be patient and wait until next year for fresh tomatoes right off the vine again.

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