Wednesday, October 13, 2010

a glass half full

today i ask you this: is the glass half full, or half empty? it is interesting how different people answer the question. in my whole life i have always seen the glass as half full. i can't see it, or think of it, any other way. the glass is NEVER half empty. i remain forever the optimist in all things. i tend to see the positive side to issues, be they weighty, worldly dilemmas, or simply the day-to-day problems and snags we all encounter.

there is a story behind that glass, by the way. during my recovery period after foot surgery, ed would always make sure i had a fresh, tall glass of simple, cold, tap water (in addition to making sure i had a hundred other small things), my favorite, which in our case comes from a delicious, deep well. on this day, the glass remained untouched for part of the day-i must have had some juice, too-and all those bubbles formed. that was not sparkling water in the glass, and it certainly was not so fresh anymore! but i'm glad i didn't drink all of it, because now i will always remember this: how nice it is when someone takes the time to be considerate, and do [a hundred] little things for you.

note: foot surgery is not fun. it is nasty. but it is the people around you who care who help make the recovery time magically pass in the blink of an eye...well, kind of the blink of an eye...

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