Friday, October 8, 2010


one day i grabbed a piece of chalk, went out in the yard, and wrote some words. i wrote on trees, boards, wooden chairs, stones that line the garden, and pathway stones. i got a little carried away. i took pictures of my graffiti which are bound to turn up on these pages someday-how about today?

anyway, for me, words are fun. words frequently make me want to SMILE. pick a word, any word, and write about whatever pops into your head. one little word often inspires more words. wordplay a bit: persnickety...roiling...redolent...captivate...compel...verve...whoosh! mulling over a single word can be a good way to jump start the brain and get some thoughts moving around. i am fond of making lists, all different kinds of lists, but especially lists of words, in little notebooks. you can grab a word off the list if you get stuck; it helps you to express, voice, say, declare, announce, tell what's on your mind....

and, of course, i like to write. yup, soon the yard was filled with scribbles. then it started to rain, and all the words washed away.....anyway, remember to SMILE right now: it's friday and the weekend is just about here....have a good one!

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