Thursday, May 24, 2012

good morning perkins cove

when too much time passes between visits with old friends it becomes a kind of dangerous time, time that's barely hanging on by its fingernails, dangling above the great abyss of no time left and scrabbling to hold on. time like that begins to feel perilously long, especially the older we get (as opposed to the way most things these days seem to fly by in a flash), and suddenly an email or a phone call every month or so isn't good enough and it's necessary to make adjustments, to tweak schedules, tinker with calendars—those nasty little calendar squares that snappishly admonish dearie,
you're not getting any younger, you know—so what are you waiting for?—and extend a hand, mark a time in a box and say we're gonna do it, we're just gonna make plans.

such was the case with annemarie and me a few weeks ago. she was going to be staying in the area—turns out longer than i knew or expected, all having to do with her job—and we arranged getting together. annemarie's been my bosom buddy (bosom meaning the stickiest, never-to-be unstuck kind of friend) since we were both eleven years old. (ah, those thrilling days of junior high school when it was not going to be too long before we begged our mothers to let us get pierced ears and wear mascara and slip on oh-so-grown-up nylons.)

what's fantastic about our relationship is that whenever we see each other it's as if there's no such thing as time and we have somehow miraculously managed to connect with each other almost every day since that first day of friendship in 6th grade—as if hardly a few weeks have elapsed between visits since our school days to these days of our middle age.

we've always been there for each other, through the fun times and through the tough times, no matter what.

i drove down to oqunquit where she had rented a cottage at perkins cove and we picked up where we left off, progressing through the things that have flown by us in the intervening year and a half since we last saw each other.

it was good; dinner out and then the next morning a walk down from the house to the path above the rocks and along the shore. this was still the off season—most of the shops and restaurants were locked up tight—and it was quiet, quiet just the way i like it. annemarie and i were disappointed that the little breakfast place with outdoor tables was not going to open for a few more days, so we enjoyed a simple repast—tea and toast and fruit—back at the house.

it was good, that time together to laugh and reminisce and tell stories. always the stories. it was good, that continuation of last week and the week before and all the weeks before that. good and sticky.


Leonora said...

What a gorgeous place to meet up with a dear friend!

I have a friend who lives in York. Every few years, whenever I can get up to Maine, we meet to catch up the years. Last time we met it was at Goldenrod Kisses for breakfast.

Jayne said...

Oh, Perkins Cove, so pretty. And so fortunate for you to be able to connect, again, with your bosom buddy. Those are precious moments--the kind of moments we wish we could extend. Had we more time. Smart to make time for it. :)

mignon said...

yes, leonora, it was!

and when you're in maine we should get together, which is exactly what i said to this lady below...

jayne, yes, yes precious moments! and we should connect, with the lady, leonora, above, too. in maine.

BavarianSojourn said...

What a very beautiful place! Old friends are such valuable things aren't they? And that time precious! I am looking forward to a visit from my oldest friend from Ireland in July. I may even give her a mention on my blog if she's lucky :D