Monday, April 9, 2012

go find elephants and kiss them

i saw this somewhere on the internet and unfortunately no credit was given for the image or the colorful sentences. it looks like a frequently utilized classroom activity, this time with maybe first or second graders, where the teacher goes around a circle of students and asks each child the same question—in this case how can people show their love for a child?—and then writes down exactly what the child says.

the wonderful and creative insights that come out of the mouths of very young kids is astonishing.

i would now like to take this exercise one step further.

i think where it says how to really love a child the addition of and also an adult could get us all thinking and behaving in many new new and unique ways.

what if adults—in particular, one's own family and friends—were to always keep the gleam in their eye and be there for each other, invent pleasures together, express their love a lot, search out the positive and try to say yes instead of no whenever possible, go find elephants and kiss them ( i just love that), stop yelling, and—love these, too—giggle a lot and encourage silly? wouldn't that be great?

adults need these instructions on how to love (and live) for themselves as much as for children. i think everyone would be healthier and happier if they incorporated even just a few of these words of wisdom into their lives.

well, i ask you, wouldn't you love to see people in their pajamas at the movie theater? well, okay, maybe not.

nevertheless, when i first came across these sentences i wrote them down with colored markers and stuck them on the refrigerator with a magnet. they are a daily reminder of some little things that i believe are actually much bigger things.

at this point in my life i think my task has become very clear. i need to (1) go find elephants and (2) talk the person in charge into allowing me to kiss them.


Monica Devine said...

And ride one, m! They're massive, but gentle.

flying around said...

But Auntie.... I don't think you have to look far for an elephant. :)

Cottage Garden said...

A perfect post for what has essentially been a time for family and for remembering the simple but important things in life.

I have no doubt you will find that elephant one day - they're featured on your header so I think they must be important for you.

By the way I LOVE that header!


alexandra said...


Jayne said...

Ok, you've done gone inspired me m. I'm taking my kiddos to see The Hunger Games in my jammies.
Oh, just the thought of that is bringing me such joy!

Thanks for this. :)

BavarianSojourn said...

Perfect words, not just applicable to children I reckon :) Hope you find the elephants! Emma