Thursday, February 2, 2012

to be or not to be unplugged

a small thought:

when i'm on vacation i generally like to remain unplugged and get totally away from the computer. i prefer to look through a window screen, not at a computer screen. for me, the idea is to block distractions, open up my mind, and allow new stimulation to grab my senses, so that when i do get back online i can—i hope i can, anyway—write from a fresh perspective.

but in january hannah brought a computer with her on our family vacation and i confess, i cheated.

i logged on.

but guess what? i found i only needed a little fix.

honestly, i felt better when i was logged off.

and guess what? the world kept spinning around, and i didn't miss anything of actual importance during the time i had been unplugged.


young-eclectic-encounters said...

Nice blog- I found you through Writteninc- nice interpretation of the theme

Christina said...

I love being unplugged! It's one of the greatest part about vacations!

Karen S. said...

I too am usually unplugged all the way on vacation..or those quick little get-aways... and I so like your photo for screens... except, my camera is always along....