Tuesday, August 2, 2011

our golden pond

from the first swim in the morning to the last one at night (skinny-dipping anyone?), the quiet pond north of boston where my parents live and where my brother and i grew up continues to bring us all together for lots of crazy fun. there go alex and hannah in the rowboat with james (?) swimming alongside.

as the sun throws bright, glittering sparkles across the water in the afternoon, three dogs, a bunch of cousins, husbands, wives, and my brother and i scamper down the steps and head out to row, swim and jump on the water trampoline anchored in the pond. mom and dad sit on a bench at the edge of the water. lille and montana the labradors find some good sticks for retrieving.

look out, heads up! kevin does some mighty fine flips as kayleigh and kameron watch.

of course there's plenty of lazy time, too.

kameron gets the idea to hold on to montana's tail and go for a little ride. montana manages to break away and paddles back to shore. she thinks jeez, i am not swimming anywhere near that boy again!

happy 80th birthday, dad!