Monday, August 1, 2011


as i regard the shore from my place on the sand
i smell air rank with humidity
like a steam iron set on high
it blasts its way down my neck, arms, legs
attacks my clothes my helpless skin weak limp
as the heat presses against me to flatten wrinkled thoughts
to skewer flesh against flesh
melting, sticking, succeeding.

as i regard a host of feelings fanning out in my mind
i eat an apple swallowing granny smith
after a few chews.
i try to read franzen's the corrections but fail
my head lazy, stupid with heat
yet rising through this brain haze a realization:
the only correction anyone needs
is one that will lift up
the burden of this oppressive air.

as i regard my legs submerged in waves
baptized in deep ocean coolness i remain
startled by headlines, struck by pictures of crowds suffering
the heat burning in big cities, in countless unknown towns
i can't see across this summer land.
they wait ready to surrender to merciful fountains, sprinklers
a christening rain falling like manna saving thousands
washing away their sweat and my blindness
offering one small benediction at a time.

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