Monday, May 2, 2011

the woods are waking up

the woods out back are finally waking up. the sun shineth! and the temps have hit 60! a lot of little bits of green are sprouting up everywhere along the forest floor and in the garden. and the buds! the buds! there are buds on the trees all over the place, but they are still so tiny they don't show up in any pictures. yet. but soon they will. even though the buds are visible (please believe me), for just a short while longer the trees will remain an awkward ensemble of black skeletons lurking behind the house.

i bought several pots of tiny daffodils and campanula over a week ago. the table and the windowsills in the kitchen looked great with all that yellow, purple and green color. after enjoying them indoors, i added them to a bed of already existing daffodils, oregano and chives in the garden.

last year at this time we had a big tom turkey and his lady visiting our yard every day for a couple weeks. i haven't seen any wild turkeys in the yard this year. where are you, my extra large feathered friends? this is opening day of the spring wild turkey hunting season in maine. gobblers beware!

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