Monday, April 4, 2011

time out, spring

you are in big trouble, spring. you are simply too unpredictable. and impolite. you have also been awfully selfish lately, holding back your normal maine springtime high temperatures, keeping them hidden and all to yourself, not sharing them with anyone.

didn't your mother (nature) teach you anything about offering your friends something in return when they give you something, a little reciprocal favor? especially when your friends sing about you? (the birds have been working overtime to present their gifts of song, chirping splendid serenades to you, spring, here in our woods and fields.) and share their praises of you? what do you have to say for yourself? when are you going to do us a favor, the favor of pleasant temperatures and melting snow?

we sent winter away to make room for you, spring. now everyone is atwitter about you, spring, and heralding you, spring; all we hear is spring, spring, spring, with spring is finally here! i love spring! time to dig out the t-shirts and flip-flops and lawn chairs! chirp, tweet, chirp!

ha! do you deserve these accolades? i think not. what have you done for us lately, spring? not much. okay, so you gave us some measly sunshine, but you really only offered us crumbs when you tossed us two "warm" days which could barely be considered spring-like. thanks a lot.

and before that what did you do?  you blew at us with nasty, cold, practically gale force winds for days and days and days. then after the wind and after teasing us with a little warmth, you dumped heavy snow on us, and more cold and more gusty wind. very rude. honestly, spring, you have been behaving rather badly lately.

i'm not talking to you again, spring, until you improve your behavior. go sit over there in the corner for a while and think about how naughty you have been. it's a time out for you.......

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