Tuesday, April 12, 2011

dream scale

do you remember, daughter, seeing that land
many years ago when childhood ran ahead, skipped pebbles
along the water and never looked back?
when a castle cut out of imagination
and wood from your father's workshop
led you to a magical world of laughter and joy?

measure twice, cut once he declared
a life lesson with glue and paint on our fingers
and long hours that stretched into night.
the instruction sheet with small scale plans
announced a weekend project, which spanned months instead,
built up into a child's world held tight.

you peered into miniature rooms, and with tiny wise fingers
moved delicate furniture around with care.
for weddings you arranged diminutive chairs
down both sides of a carpeted aisle
along the floorboards in the livingroom.
a yellow vw bug arrived with well behaved guests
plastic cakes and champagne piled up to heaven
and not one tummy growled.

do you remember the day you decided
you would sit with your guests
on a wooden chair the size of your hand?
the chair collapsed under the weight
of your heart - you held it, broken, and were healed with words
don't worry, go play, live.......

and so you did.
your own words allowed you to soar
to another place, flying where your hands and heart
create large scale life revealing
a canvas written with wonder.

color phrases holding up images,
bold imagination dancing
each brushstroke caressing
shadow and light layering
an inner life filled up and spilling out
on a dream scale, the hue of what will be.

~ for hannah elise. happy birthday, dear daughter. ~

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