Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the writing room

i'm flying off for a few days (but i'll still be posting) and i've got to finish packing my bag, but i thought i would write a note about this little digital place i occasionally inhabit. shhh.....don't tell my husband, but i am still having a love affair with words. i can't get enough of them! words move, excite, grab me, fascinate me, dazzle me, make me go weak in the knees, and at times make my head hurt. i fell into this nook on the web to gush about the glorious state of maine, to express my thoughts and observations, to utter rhapsodies about the lushness (and brutality) of nature, to weave stories as they pop into my head - hopefully something more substantial than the i-drank-a-great-cup-of-tea-and-ate-a-hot-scone-two-seconds-ago kind - and, quite simply, to have some fun.

in general i don't hang out in the big web much; frankly, i am not often connected to the cyber world. i'd rather be outside enjoying the fresh maine air; or heading out on the road; or hanging out with the family; or laughing with friends at gritty's; or reading a good book or my hot-off-the-press copy of the new yorker; or i'd rather be scribbling ideas in little notebooks and on scraps of paper.

when i do find myself stuck in the web (at times it's an awful struggle to get out!) i manage to read a few noteworthy blogs. i like ones which offer up great writing and which are often poignant, introspective or humorous—especially longer pieces of writing. there's some incredibly eloquent stuff out in blog land. the brits seem to have a good thing going, with posts that are thoughtful, humorous and well written. evocative. ah, only in the land of shakespeare.......

i like my quiet, simple bloggy home. some nice faithful readers drop by; they aren't necessarily "followers" and they hardly ever comment (are they either shy or left speechless by my scribbles?), but they are out there and i appreciate them. i hope when they visit they are entertained or amused, or they like what they see and read, or they are a little moved by my more serious and reflective posts.

so hello to you my dears. do come on in, grab a seat, get comfortable, take a peek and join me. that's great. welcome, welcome. i like some company after all. and i'll be right here, happily gathering my thoughts, taking a few pictures as i travel around in maine and elsewhere, and writing, writing. as long as i keep having something to say (!) and as long as i keep having fun saying it, i'll stay right here in my online "room."

this is just my own little place, my writing room, to be myself, to do my thing - a little bit of this and a little bit of that....exploring, observing, asking questions, stretching my brain, tossing around ideas and opinions, dreaming up stories (some are fiction, some are not), happily creating with words.....all for the love of writing.


Old Grumpo said...

Evocative is the right description.

balsamrocks&rivers said...

I'm afraid I missed your life-marker yesterday- hoping you have a wonderful year ahead! You share your special day with my dad, who turned 98- he had an art show of his watercolors over the weekend, and received a lifetime achievement award.

balsamrocks&rivers said...

PS- keep sharing the gift of your thoughts in writing!