Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the grand finale

once there was a great restaurant in town where we used to love to go for dinner (they served lunch, too) called the grand finale, and eating there was, indeed, a perfect way to end the day. it was quite a small restaurant, only a few tables, thus intimate and cozy. reservations were recommended. it was the kind of place that got you excited about food, which so rarely happens these days. occasionally famous people could be seen ducking in to this unique maine restaurant. they were undoubtedly enticed by its wonderfully fresh, local, inspired, simple and wholesome cuisine, and because they were assured of the restaurant's utmost discretion in assisting them to keep a low profile while in town.

after entering the grand finale, a short flight of thick oak stairs led up to the loft dining area. the loft was bright and airy, with a lovely cathedral ceiling, and post and beam construction. charming. it felt rather like home. in addition, the service in this establishment was impeccable. i must say i have never had a dining experience like the one at the grand finale. if such a thing is possible, the food and wine they served were, quite honestly, perfect. i am sure many other former patrons of the restaurant would heartily agree with me.

too bad the two owners of the grand finale had to close such a sweet place. we have happy, happy memories of that small restaurant with the big name. we just loved it. restaurants come and restaurants go, i know, but this one was different. every meal felt like a special occasion. it was a sad day when they served their last dinner.

but little girls, even ones who own restaurants, grow up. my daughter and my niece couldn't stay five and seven years old forever. while it lasted, the restaurant game they played was grand fun. then they grew up and moved on, as we all do. the girls made up the name. (where did such little girls come up with a name like that? must have been connected with all those piano lessons they had.) they made up the menu and the "food." the things they couldn't make up were the real fun and great times we had at the grand finale.

~today, it must be happily noted, the two "girls" are busy cooking real food for their [very] real husbands!~


alexandra said...

I love this post! xo

Christina said...

me too. Happy. :)