Wednesday, February 2, 2011

portland museum of art

happy groundhog day! the hog did not see his shadow so.....spring will arrive early this year! that's a good thing because that monster winter storm is headed our way, and outside the window the snow is starting to pile up again. let the shoveling begin....again! we had 4 inches yesterday and now 12-18 inches more. i love snow. even those of you who hate it have to admit it is beautiful out there. for the record, though, i don't like sleet and subzero windchills, but we're gonna get some of that, too. spring will certainly seem sweet when it finally heads our way. i'm counting on you, groundhog!

and speaking of winter, hmmm....what to do on a cold sunday in winter. enjoy art! sunday afternoon at our fantastic art museum we saw paintings by rackstraw downes and photography by edward weston. weston's exhibition was titled leaves of grass. many of the photographs were included in a volume of walt whitman's leaves of grass poems. in early december we had seen some different pieces of weston's work, and also work by alfred stieglitz, paul strand, and ansel adams, in the exhibition debating modern photography: the triumph of group f/64. that was a fascinating show.

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