Wednesday, February 16, 2011


surrounded by blue. blue sky, blue sea, blue swimming pool.

another nice thing about sanibel island in january was that you didn't have to fight your way past gazillions of bodies to get to the one available lounge chair by the pool. this was the big pool, the one where all the action took place. the hot tub was a few steps away, and there was music, a volleyball net, a fully stocked bar and you could order lunch and be served poolside.

the pool next to our building was the quiet pool. i liked that one best. even fewer people here than at the other pool. you were closer to the ocean. it was smaller and it didn't have music, a bar or food. on the lawn outside the pool area there were lounge chairs positioned just above the beach. you could hear the rumbling surf. nice....

a side note: hardly anyone just sat on the beach. far more people were strolling, walking, shelling, and jogging. very fit and energetic beach goers indeed.

~ happy, happy birthday to mom (memi) today. ~

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