Friday, November 15, 2013


basin point no. 5

and what rift what    wrinkle    caused someone to ask
how much smaller is smaller still than    small     how much
outside the window an edge    somnolent smudge
dawn cracked     door of beginnings and repetitions    the source of
no one knows how small    small therein contained is    
as assemblages stacked    nano particle inched into    particle
then droplet into    r  o  o  t
me next    my patch of earth added
to yours equals our planet    our solar system wedged into galaxy after galaxy
slivers nested like matryoshkas    specks shards    shreds
gliese slips into dorado another into libra    that slight move delivers a good fit
your very cells never missing minutes    now pinched between
thumb and forefinger and released    the universe drops into the deep
velvet of my pocket    letting go the stellar tracery of my dreams

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