Tuesday, September 11, 2012

p.s. i miss you

~ the wobbly bridge sent from hannah's iphone ~

september arrived and a daughter left for england and italy; shortly thereafter we left, too—for sea bright and sandy hook—and there was simply no time to feel sad. our friends' son got married on a beach to the music of the crashing surf—an excellent choice, in my opinion, courtesy of hurricane leslie—which played on and on. from new jersey we drove to old saybrook, connecticut, and dropped by katherine hepburn's old neighborhood to visit friends from college.

then, at last, the time came. the time to feel sad. the time to allow myself—to indulge myself in—sadness. home again. my gaping suitcase spewing forth dirty laundry and small pink packets of tissue, one of many wedding souvenirs, labeled for your tears of joy, stared me in the face. i sat down in the middle of the floor in the girl's bedroom and pulled out one of those—mislabeled!—tissues; her belongings haunted me and wouldn't leave me alone.

yup, it was time. a little cry was in order.

once i shed the self-pity and left my wallow of sadness, i was myself again. i am not the type of parent who would—or even could—hold my kids back or pressure them to do or not do something because it's what i, selfishly, want. i say, let them go, let them fly.

and fly they did.

and fly she did. while she was at it, hannah sent me a photo of the wobbly bridge that spans the thames, with st. paul's above one bank and the tate modern on the other. a few years ago we crossed that same bridge together after spending the afternoon at the tate. we never experienced the wobble, though—too bad, that might have been fun—because of course they had fixed the bridge by then. (we used to have our own very tiny version of the wobbly bridge, known as the "crikety" bridge, here in freeport. but they fixed that one, too, and now it is no longer rickety and it doesn't creak. personally, i kind of liked the old one better.)

the days and nights are getting cooler, grandbaby is getting bigger, and i am getting the hang (again) of dealing with a quiet house.

and there is just one more thing i have to say: p.s. i miss you.


Janet said...

I read your story down below about the house and was struck by how you talked about the bridge...similar!

Bob Scotney said...

That's one of the best pictures I've seen from an Iphone.

(You haven't put a link to your post on Carmi's page.)

Feisty Tapas said...

I saw your comment on Bavarian Sojourn's blog and followed you here. What a lovely post, mislabeled tissues indeed! Funny how context can turn meaning upside down. I'm going to subscribe to follow you :) Great to find you.

Leonora said...

You have the perfect mother's heart...loving them fiercely enough to cry when they leave. But also loving them enough to let them go.
I remember crying in our first daughter's bedroom the day I dropped her at the airport when she flew to France.
I have always cried, I always will, and I will always be slightly uncomfortable in a quiet house.
But, oh the joy when they return!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Very pretty - nice angle, mignon!