Wednesday, January 25, 2012

island syllables

a few words spoken, or unspoken—but always in my head—during the lazy winter vacation days on sanibel. i'm in maine again, but recalling these simple syllables will keep me warm for a long time:

barefoot       lazy
waves          sunrise
iced tea        oysters
hibiscus         beer
sunset          SPF
crabs            sand
towel           waves
starfish         breezy
salty             iced water
pelicans       palm trees
waves          dolphins
swimming    tide
fish              calamari
reading         fishing 
seashells      waves
barbecue      laughter
herons          ibis
green            blue
sighs             happy
sunshine       waves
surf               walking
tide pools      sweatshirt
family           together
flip-flops     ocean     


alexandra said...

Love these words.

Megan Collins said...

I love this. I can almost hear the waves.