Wednesday, September 28, 2011

dirty laundry

what kind of housewifery is this?
this is the way
surrounded by heaps of washboard colors, these
soiled, worn-down threads
from seeds, dried leaves
beeches and laboratories
we wash our clothes, wash our clothes
processed cotton, linen, polyester, nylon,
rayon, modal pressure penetrating an eye
a nose, a quick fix, a sorting out
a spot check, a reality check
a soak, a load squeezed into a machine
raveled down long lines, doing lines
drop me a line, please throw me a line
peg them out strung out
streaming on the line
transformed beyond all recognition
fibers loose, floating
blindingly snowwhite, pure then
so early
dilating to black points
swollen in desperate morning this
dark need, nerves zinging
brain waves skittering
in the morning
so shall it be done?

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