Friday, January 21, 2011

more day 3: albert the alligator

enjoying the sunshine on the golf course. sanibel island, january, 2011. photo by kevin mcaleer.
this lovely fellow, albert the alligator, did not really want to be bothered on the day kevin encountered him. kevin was out playing golf on our third day on sanibel. as he was walking to pick up his golf ball, he didn't notice the gator over to the side in the grass. luckily some other golfers did see the big beast and shouted to kevin watch out for the alligator! heart pounding, kevin stopped in his tracks, pulled out his cell phone, and took this picture as the animal headed toward the water. seconds later the startled gator was gone. (you wouldn't think big alligators move fast, but they do.) albert slid silently into the depths of the pond, undoubtedly a bit miffed that his nap had been so rudely interrupted. kevin played golf a couple times on the island, but he never saw albert again. maybe next year....

wishing all of you a nice (frigid) sunshine filled (if not meteorologically, then at least in your soul) weekend!

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