Friday, September 24, 2010

orangey fall

to me, shades of orange, along with shades of red and yellow, feel like fall. orangey leaves and pumpkins and squash.....but i have to say that i love the color orange anytime, fall or not. alex's summer wedding featured some pops of orange: orange roses and gerbera daisies in her bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquets and on the tables, along with some yellow and white flowers also. i like blue and orange together, too. i also love greens and blues side by side. in the house i noticed i have collected various hues of yellow, blue and red (wicker, cushions, chairs). quite primary. hmmm....looks like i have a fondness for all colors....

those are actually clementines, not oranges, in the picture. i bought a bunch of clementines yesterday, ate a bunch of clementines, and then took a bunch of pictures of the juicy, orange lovelies.

what colors do you love? and in case you didn't realize it, it's friday and the weekend is upon us....have a good one!

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