Monday, August 23, 2010

muscongus bay

view from our table on the dock at the muscongus bay lobster company

this weekend we drove up to round pond to meet friends and consume a feast of corn on the cob, lobsters, mussels, clams and damariscotta oysters. the weather was cool and breezy and a little overcast, just as i like it (i do not like sweating in the glaring, blazing sun). as in past years, we sat on the dock at the muscongus bay lobster company. i remember many years ago, when the dock was rather small and rickety, in the quaint, old maine way, but now it is large, and there are more picnic tables than there used to be to accomodate summer visiters. ah, progress....

here are 2 of the yummy treats we munched....our friends, michael and evelyn and their 2 young daughters, sophie and paula, from austria, marveled at how red the lobsters got after their hot steam bath....we opened wine and the kids (9 and 11 years old) told the harrowing tale of how their pet tortoise escaped from her outdoor pen and ended up living near the train station in their little village in the mountains of austria, near salzburg. the amazing thing is she survived the snowy, frigid winter in a snuggly hole she dug. when the kids discovered she was still alive, they were thrilled.

as we were leaving, michael and evelyn's animal-loving girls stopped to look at the creatures from the deep swimming in a shallow salt water pool on the dock. i asked evelyn if she would scoop up one of these odd looking beasties so i could take a picture, and with absolutely no hesitation she did. the girls shrieked with delight and even patted his head. what the heck kind of fish is this? next, we desperately needed ice cream, so off to damariscotta we went to find some....

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